8 reasons to use TempsNZ in 2021!

Recruitment agencies are a great way of connecting employers with talented candidates.

Here is a list of 8 reasons to use TempsNZ in 2021!

1 Expertise: Good Recruitment companies are experts in their fields. Their business focus is to know about how to help others with the hiring of candidates for temporary or permanent positions. In TempsNZ´s case, our group of recruiters are knowledgeable and well connected in the different market segments; which broadens the amount of companies we can work with and our candidate reach.

2 Database: Recruitment agencies work hard to build huge databases with great candidates that are accessible to your company when their services are hired. Some of these candidates are not even actively looking for a job so they will not be accessible to your company. So instead of having to look everywhere for great talent, it would be accessible for you at one place.

3 Time efficiency: Instead of spending time running the recruitment process in house, having a recruitment company do it for you would help to reduce the amount of time spent on that matter and as they are expert on what they do, the chances of hiring a candidate quickly are higher.

4 Faster screening process: As mentioned, by using a recruitment agency the whole recruitment process is going to be of high standard. Which would incur in a faster screening process, as the agencies would normally just send hand picked candidates that are very tailored to your needs and demands.

Most agencies as internal procedures would run references checks for the candidates prior to them meeting a client. Having that option is fantastic as sometimes the hiring team does not have the resources or knowledge to do so accurately. It also ensures that the candidate has indeed the right profile and once a candidate is picked by the company a contract can be drafted without further ado.

5 Prices: The price range for a recruitment agency is average between 15% to 25% of the candidate total annual salary. Is a high paid service because the results are also high quality. To provide extra value and to outshine competitors, TempsNZ offers a fixed rate of 13% per candidate, negotiable if we are to hire more than 3 candidates for you.

6 Results: At TempsNZ fees are only charged when a contract is offered to our candidates. Meaning that we take payments when clients are ready to hire our candidates, which translates in effective results and value for money. If the best suitable candidate is not found there would be no charge.

7 Guarantees: Providing assurance and great customer satisfaction is very important to us therefore we offer guarantees and rebates if the candidate decides to leave within three months or if the performance is not up to standard.

8 Packages: Suggested above, Recruitment agencies offer packages when recruiting for more than 3 candidates. Striking this kind of deal helps lower the fees that are going to be paid to a recruitment agency and ensure that the process gets done in a high quality manner.

If this sounds interesting to you, Please get in touch.

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